Start your day the right way! 

I often take for granted the importance of a proper morning routine.  Over the years, I have developed some positive habits which have helped me to stay healthy, even through the most stressful of times.  Here are some of the most important habits I perform daily:

1. Drink 8-16 oz of clean water upon waking

What’s the first thing to hit your dehydrated gut in the morning?!? For most of us it’s coffee or tea. Your body uses water for healing and restoration throughout the night leaving your stomach dehydrated and yearning for replenishment! Coffee is highly acidic and a poor first choice. If you battle with heartburn, reflux or digestive issues, try drinking water FIRST and you may see an improvement within a week or two. AND, you may drop a few pounds…BONUS!!

2. Get 20-30 grams of protein within an hour of waking!

This is sound advice for those who exercise regularly and intensely. Non-exercisers will benefit as well. Feed your body with the necessary raw materials for healing and regeneration!!

3. Awaken your CNS(central nervous system) and warm-up with Original Strength Resets, 5 Minute Body Flow!

Prevent injury by moving your body with bodyrocks, head mobility, dead bugs and crawling!

4.  Envision a happy and  productive day!

Choosing a positive start to the day might be the most important thing thing you can do!  Lately I try to watch one motivational video on Youtube to put me in the right mental state.  Check out this video: Motivation for 2018

I hope you gain some benefit from this post!!

Be. Stronger.

Body Strong Class Notes(04/10/17-6am)

Warm-up:  Original Strength CNS resets, Dead-bugs, Halo-Banded Walks-Squats

Strength:  Single-arm Cable Row(contra-lateral stance)  x 10-15 reps

Sandbag Single-leg Deadlift                                x 8 reps

Prone Shoulder taps and Renegade Row         x 5(l,r)

*3 rounds

Coyote Complex:  2-hand Swing                          x 15 reps

Double Front Squat                x 5

Push-up                                     x 5

  • 5 rounds

Cooldown:  Kneeling quad stretch and Stick Shoulder mobs

Body Strong Class notes 03/27/17

Monday’s are always a mixed bag!  Sometimes we are ready for a blast, sometimes we are NOT!!  This workout can be done anytime and covers all the basics!!  Enjoy!

Warm-up:  OS Resets, Shoulder Stick drills, Banded Monster Walks+Squats+hip thrust

Strength:  1a) 1/2 kneeling KB Halo x 8l,r

1b) Dumbell Renegade Row x 10

1c)  Getup x 1l,r

1d) Double Front Squat x 8

  • 3 rounds, rest as needed

2)  1H KB swing  10 reps x 10 sets  (I go, You go)

3)  Getup 1l,r x 2

4) Ab Dolly 10 x 2

Cool-down:  Stretch and Foam roll!!!

Body Strong Class Notes 03/22/17

A bit of a class reunion today with some being out of town last week.  So, as always, we reconnect with the basics and revisit single KB complexes:

Warm-up:  Foam roll, OS resets, KB halos/squats, Inverted Ring rows, Get-up x 3

Swings, I go U go, 10reps X 10 sets

1 KB  complex: 1a) Clean & Press + Rack Squat 5L, 5R

1b) Standing Cross Crawl 20 reps

*3 sets of each

Finish with Get-up X 2

500M row

Body Strong Class Notes 03/10/17

Warm-up:  KB arm bar to Getup (1 l/r),  Windmill(5l,r), Shoulder taps 10-20 reps X 2 sets

KB Swing Ladder(weight):  18kg/20  20kg/10  24kg/10 28kg/10 32kg/10 X 2 sets

Strength:  1KB Clean and Squat (5 l,r) +  Bentover Row (5 l,r)  X 3 sets

Conditioning:  MORE Swangs!!!  40 reps X 2 sets

*200 swing total

****Sue B. completes 10,000 Swings!!!  Congratulations, Sue! Sue requested a little dance, so I was happy to oblige.  Let me just say that I haven’t dance in many moons, so it’s not my best!



Body Strong Class Notes 03/08/17

Everyone feeling a bit beat up today!  Sometimes we just have to “punch the clock”  and move something!  Here’s a light day workout for ya:

Warm-up:  Original Strength (OS) resets, KB Halos, Goblet Squats, Getup, Renegade Row

X 2 sets

KB Swing Progression 2o reps x 6 sets

Extra mobility: Stretch Lats(back),  Commando Elbow Rocking, Getups(2 l,r)

KB Swings 4 sets of 20

Finish with 5th Getup!



Body Strong Class notes (03/06/17)

Monday, March 6, 2017:


A) Original Strength CNS resets-Shoulder Stick Mobs-Banded Monster Walks, squats and Hip Thrust

B) KB Halo + Goblet squat, Inverted Row, Step-up x 2 sets each

C) KB Swing Progression:  2H-H2H-SwTr-1H(5×2)-1H(10×1)-2H     20reps each=120 swings


1a) Hex-bar Deadlift x 8 reps

1b) 1KB Shoulder Press x 8 reps

1c) Assisted Pull-up x 5-8 reps

3 Circuits


KB Swing Progression x 1 + 10 extra reps= 130

250 swings total!

Cool down: Stretch!!!








The 10,000 Swing Challenge has begun!

Yesterday I began my 10,000 swing journey.  My goal is to complete it in 2 months!  My biggest obstacle is to having enough time to incorporate my strength goals with the swinging.  To help those of you swinging your kettlebells at home, I will be updating my training sessions and swing totals every few days.  Yesterday’s session:

Warm-up: Original Strength resets, Get-up w/ neck mobility and bent press,                           Workout:  Kettlebell Swing Progression  28kg/20 x 6 rounds (2h, h2h,SwTr, 1h,1h,2h)                                 1a) Double KB Rows 20kg/12×3                                                                                                                       1b) Dips                        BW/15 x 3                                                                                                                       Extended KBSP  28kg/20 x 10 sets

Swing total for first day comes to 320.  I intend to do at least 150-200 swings every session. At least one day a week, I will have to hit 300-500 swings.

let me know if you want to join the challenge!  Keep me updated with your totals and questions!!!

Happy Holidays and Swing On!!!


10,000 Swing Challenge

As I ponder what’s been missing in my training as of late, I realized that my Kettelbell swing game has been sorely lacking!!!  Monday I had a busy day and was planning to skip training.  My last client of the day was doing Dan John’s Coyote Complex (15 swings, 5 Goblet Squats, and 5 Push-ups) and I decided to jump in with her.  Using the 32kg bell I did 5 rounds of the complex with her and it felt really good!  So I did 5 more rounds!!!  Tuesday morning I was pleasantly reminded that I needed to get my swing game right!!  Not too sore, but just right!

How many of you have kettlebells sitting in the corner collecting dust?!?  It’s time to get em’ moving!!!
Dan John, RKC Master Instructor, created the 10,000 Swing Challenge a few years ago.  The goal was/is to get 10,000 swings in 1 month! That’s basically 500 swings per day, 5 days a week.  Obviously, this program is a bit unreasonable for the average person!  3-5 months sounds a bit more doable.
So, beginning tomorrow, I would like to invite you to start the 10,000 swing challenge with me!  There are no rules, except to be safe and take your time with the challenge.  I think 3 months is a great goal, but some of you may want to shoot for 5-6 months, knowing that December might not be high volume!
Some have asked me, “why not start January 1st?”  My answer: if it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing RIGHT NOW!  Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to enter the new year focused and ready to get some swing volume in?  Feel free to set your own goals.  As always, I will be here to help you achieve!
What’s the reward?  Ultimately, You will be stronger, more fit, and leaner!  Maybe you have a summer vacation planned, or want to treat yourself to a new wardrobe. I’m still trying to decide what I want to offer up as a prize!  I will get back to you on that!
I will have a tracking board up at Premier Fitness with the names and swing counts updated weekly.  We will be increasing the swing volume in class to help you with your technique and confidence.  I will also keep you posted on how I am personally getting to the 10,000 mark!
Get to class and accept the challenge!!!